Video Strawberry Panic Let’s Play: Whose Route First?

Alright folks I’ve found an awesome video recorder to get the game footage for me so I can now start the translation of the videos. We still need someone who can add subtitles to the videos, but I decided to move forward with the project while we wait for someone to volunteer.

For now let’s decide whose route we’re going to record first. Since I already have most of the common route for Kizuna translated I’d prefer that we choose one of her 12 routes first. That way I can just use the translation I already have ready for all the bits up until we get to the branching paths. I know there’s a lot of choices, but hopefully we can get a large majority in one of them. First option to ten votes will take it. If I wake up one morning and more than one is above ten then I’ll take whichever of those has the most. If two above ten are tied then I’ll have a tie-breaker vote.

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Let’s Translate Strawberry Panic!

Folks, sorry the hiatus lasted so long, but even after I came back and had time to work on it again I had to wrestle with a monster of a problem. Namely that I finally realized that the ‘Chance!’ things I’d been doing arbitrarily throughout the playthrough actually effect the outcome of the story. In fact they’re integral to choosing which path you’re on and can determine your ending. By hitting every good ‘Chance’ and missing ever bad one on Kizuna’s route I locked us in to only having Chihaya as a route option from the Lulim girls.

So there was a dilemma… I had intended for this Let’s Play to be almost 100% decided by user-input, but it wouldn’t be rational to stop the posts at every ‘chance’ point and ask people whether I should hit it or not. Besides which the ‘chance’ points are completely arbitrary and there’s no way of knowing how any given one will change the routes you have available to you. So I thought of just asking ‘what route do you want to see?’ and then going through that, but that would take all the interactivity out of it. I’m sure the latter choice would have worked just fine for most people, but that takes most of the heart and community atmosphere out of things.

So instead I’d like to propose something to the yuri/shoujo-ai community. I want to translate Strawberry Panic the PS2 game and make it available for anyone and everyone to read through for themselves. However, I don’t believe patching the PS2 .iso itself will work, mostly because not everyone can run a PS2 emulator on their computer and finding a hacker with the skill to rip and then patch scripts into an .iso is hard. Instead I propose the following:

Someone with good video capture skills who has either a legit copy or a working .iso of Strawberry Panic captures video of the various routes in the game (using a guide). People can make requests for what routes we record/translate first if they like.

Then the videos are given to me and any other translators who want to join in. We make up a text-box-by-text-box translation of the text in the videos.

This script and the videos are then given to someone who is good with subtitles. It’s up to the community whether we go with hardsubs or youtube softsubs… though I’d like to see hardsubs or at least separate sub files so we could release the videos as a torrent whenever we completed a significant portion. It would almost be like we were subtitling a (long and wordy) season of anime.

If you’d like to help by filling one of these positions, please let me know. As soon as we have someone to start recording the video we can get this project underway. Also, with the youtube video format we can post updates as we translate them, in episodes even, instead of it being like any other VN translation project where you essentially have to wait until an entire route or patch is completed to even see it.

Get the word out! Let’s Translate Strawberry Panic!

Kizuna 2nd Week of April Part 3

Short post today! Actually this may be what many of the posts from here on should be like now that we’re out of the lengthy introduction stuff. The choices will start coming thick and fast. If I feel it’s inconsequential or if one choice is clearly a ‘bad’ choice that has no merits I’ll skip them and decide on my own, but for everything else I’ll allow for voting. Today’s choice isn’t as clear-cut as the previous ones have been, so maybe this time the voting will be closer. Anyway let’s jump on in:

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Kizuna 2nd Week of April Part 2

Well folks here’s where it starts to get exciting! The introductions were fun but this is where the serious love stories begin! From here on out the posts should be shorter and faster than before. Unless there’s a specific break I’m going on for a few days like with this post and Thanksgiving I’ll give all other polls until they get 15 or so votes (feel free to keep voting past 15 if I haven’t updated, though) then continue on. Anyway, on to the real story!

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Kizuna 1st Week of April End/2nd Week of April Part 1

Finally the introductions are over with! In this post we meet our last two love candidates and, since there was enough space left over, I continued into the next week to reach our first decision of the game! I’ll name the choices ‘A’ and ‘B’ in the poll to keep from spoiling what happens in the post. Read on and make sure to vote when you’re done! All voting should be done here using the poll on the blog. Enjoy!

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